Routes short description:
All participant runners may choose between routes of 5km and 15km.

The 15 km route starts from Skala with direction towards Netia. Participants return to Skala, at a point before the marina of Netia, and continue their run on the seaside road to Grikos and then to Petra beach. Afterwards, they ascend and cross the town of Chora through its alleys and finally after they descend to the cave of the Apocalypse, they return to Skala.

The 5 km route starts from Skala with direction towards Grikos. The route is constantly on the coast and shortly before the participants enter Grikos they make a u-turn and return to Skala from the same route.


The total perimeter of the route is 800 meters. The athletes will begin from outside, between the two columns that mark the start of the race, they run to enter the sea and towards the first buoy (while they swim the buoy should be on the left of their shoulder). They will complete the race with 2 total rounds (turns). On the second round they get out of the sea and end up again passing through the two columns for their finish.